Here, in this place, the origins of the first humans are lost in the sands of time. For here, in Neamt County, the great ruler Stefan cel Mare raised monasteries and built Neamt Stronghold and fought for our freedom. Here were discovered the remains of the great Cucuteni culture. Here there are three Dacic strongholds dating between the first century BC and the first century AC and that are identified with the old location called Petrodava mentioned by Ptolemeu in his writings.

Testimonies of all these things can be seen only in the museums from Neamt County. Visit these locations and take an imaginary journey in the past of the first humans, be the witness of the birth of artistic creations and learn interesting things from the museum collections and historical artifacts from Neamt County.

To promote the museum collections and historical artifacts from Neamt County, Neamt County Council, launched the project “MUSEUM COLLECTIONS AND HISTORICAL ARTIFACTS IN NEAMT COUNTY”. The project was signed on August 09, 2011 and its main objective is to turn Neamt County into a quality touristic destination by promoting the cultural potential of the area represented by museum collections and historical artifacts.


Neamt Stronghold      

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